One of the things I love about living on our farm is our neighboring farm. They are a sweet home-school family who truly enjoys and embraces rural living. This week I was honored to spend part of the day with them while they made wonderful goat’s milk soaps. I was given some of the soaps months ago and they were so beautiful I wanted to use them as bathroom décor’. When she asked me if I ever used them, I had to confess they were just too pretty! She made me try them and wow, was I smitten. The rich, creamy lather was wonderful! I had a bar with lavender essential oils and the added benefit of aromatherapy was heavenly!

princessFF_soapsAt our farm, we use the alpaca fleece to felt soaps. After personal experience with the homemade soap, I began to do some research and decided we would start using goat’s milk soaps in our felted soaps. Goat’s milk soap contains a lot of fats, proteins and other hormones that naturally benefit the skin. It has a pH level close to human skin and naturally moisturizes it. Goat’s milk soap benefits people with acne-prone skin because the proteins in the milk kill acne-causing bacteria and it is said that with regular use it may relieve symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Did I mention that is soothing and healing to sunburn skin? Yes, it may be the perfect soap and when coupled with the alpaca fiber, you have a built in loofah!

If you prefer a plain soap, Franklin Farms has that, too. She (of course,) grows her own loofah, which is put into the form when the soap is poured. The day I was there they had just made more of the wonderful Lavender Bliss, Oats, Milk and Honey and some invigorating Orange Valencia. Lucky me, I got a bar of each one! We will have to wait a few weeks as the soap cures, but in the meantime, it provides a wonderful scent in my bathroom.

I am so blessed to have a neighbor that is passionate about creating wonderful, natural soap recipes. If you need some nice gifts or a treat for yourself, let me know; she does sell to the public.FF_soap2