Buzz Kill

On our farm our tractor is a very important piece of equipment. We mow, we move stuff, and we build fences. It has a lot of attachments so the list goes on as to what can be done with it. Ironically, when we were discussing getting the tractor, I said I thought it was just too big. With eyebrows raised my brother commented, “I didn’t think a tractor could ever be too big.” And…he was right. It’s been a great addition to the farm.

Recently, my hubby headed out to move some hay with the tractor or “Orange is the new Audi aka OITNA,” as we like to call it. As he climbed on the seat and switched the ignition he noticed something fly out from the underside of the starter. “Hmmmm,” he thought. And before he could manage another thought he saw two yellow jackets fly back under the key plate. Being the resourceful guy he is he got my very nice swiveling, magnifying make-up mirror and placed it on the floor of the tractor. When he tilted it ever so slightly so he could see under the key plate he gasped. There it was. A thriving, buzzing, live and in person working yellow jacket nest. Not good!

For some people it’s snakes, or spiders; for others it’s sharks or alligators. Regardless of what it is, everyone has a fear. For hubby it’s bees, wasps or yellow jackets; things that buzz with stingers.

He motioned for me to leave my chickens and come see what he had found. wa_buzzkillAs soon as I peered into the mirror I knew we had a problem. My fear is on the list above, but it’s not yellow jackets, so my mind was racing as to how I could fix this problem and he could go about his business on OITNA.

He had headed back into the house and I assumed this was a project for another day. I went back to feeding my chickens. A few minutes later I headed in the door, I was a little startled by what I saw. Keep in mind it’s the middle of July in Texas. It’s hot. And lately it has been hotter than hot. Hubby was standing before me layered in three shirts, the top one being a long sleeve flannel shirt, jeans, leather gloves and some type of lawn netting over his head. It was the stuff you lay on the grown to keep the weeds from growing; very opaque screen that you could barely see through.

“Oh my,” I said. “I see you have found an answer to our friends.yellowjacket

“Yes, “ he said, “And I just need you to hold the fly swatter while I spray the nest.”

No probletrophy_nestm. We are a team and I’m always in to try and help my partner, no matter how ridiculous we look.

With a couple of squirts of some high-powered buzz-kill spray yellow jackets were flying out left and right. We swatted anything that had any life left and within ten minutes the battle had been won. Walter was victorious. He took a long screwdriver and dug his trophy nest out. It dripped with insecticide as it hit the ground. He faced his fear and he won.

As some of you read this you are chuckling, and in all honesty we are often comical on the farm. Truthfully, we do all have fears and it takes courage to face those fears, even if they aren’t fears to others. The tragedy comes when we allow our fears to paralyze us and we can’t move forward. I am proud of my hubby’s inventive bee-suit and his courage to face his fear. Now, if I can only figure out how to face my fear of being attacked by an alligator!

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  1. It is nice that Walt has overcome his fear of wasps, etc. I hope he doesn’t get heat stroke though in all that gear.

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