Sweet Annie


She was the first cria we owned. I am not sure if it was just her nature or if it was because we invested so much time into getting to know alpacas though her that she had such a sweet disposition. We were drawn to her bay black color and her two white spots on her ankles. As she grew, she developed a grey spot in the back of her topknot. The spots reminded us of spurs on her ankles so we named her Texas Trails Annie Get Your Gun. We probably should have named her Sweet Annie because she gave kisses to everyone. I often say alpacas saved my life; they are wonderful therapy for me. Annie is the real reason I feel the way I do about alpacas.

Annie promoted the thought of having The Blissful Barn. I wanted to share a piece of her with anyone who needed a smile. She visited children and the elderly and she created lots of smiles. She was the welcoming committee to our farm visitors.

The Texas heat is brutal in July; I try to water bellies daily and check all the fans. Today I found Annie dead in front of a fan. We had just mingled in the pasture last night with the alpacas and Walter got Annie kisses as he wandered by her. She was fine so this is a mystery to us.

Loss is never easy and no matter how much my mind knows these animals are livestock, my heart feels connected to them. We buried her at sunset; the sky filled with shades of pink, orange and lavender. I laid some Black-Eyed Susans at her side and we said a quiet prayer. I know when I look at our herd there will always be a void. RIP Annie Get Your Gun…. you will be missed.

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  1. Regina,
    I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and Walter. Hugs and prayers!

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